Building an Inclusive Mindset

Julia Geisman, MA, Founder & CEO CareerAgility LLC, provided an engaging virtual discussion last week surrounding inclusive mindset, what that includes, what actions you can take in areas where you may feel that you have opportunity to grow. We were so pleased to be able to host about 20 attendees for the virtual event.

Top Lesson Takeaways

  • Engagement and inclusion lead to recruitment and retention! A brand with a reputation of inclusion will reap the rewards.
  • Inclusion must be a conscious decision

Julia’s lessons on the 5 C’s of an Inclusive Mindset, with strategies around them and areas where one can develop these were shared throughout the presentation.

While we have historically been behind on education and development around diversity, equity and inclusion- the time is NOW! This is a great start to diving deeper in the world of inclusion, and we have been honored to work with Julia in this realm!

-Jen Pendleton, WHCM Chairwoman