Crossing the Border for Networking

What a great night in Manchester, NH on Monday 4/15- we were lucky enough to have many of our board members “cross the border” from Massachusetts to try a new venue up North.

A huge thank you to the Backyard Brewery for providing great food and drinks to our group!

It never ceases to amaze me the things I learn from our members and guests, the conversations that we start and the information that we share. Such a relaxing evening with new connections made.

Looking ahead to our next offerings:

June 3- Jake and Joe’s in Waltham will be our landing spot for some outdoor enjoyment, food, drinks and a surprise in the works! Stay tuned for our formal announcement and registration link.

In later July, we are looking forward to hosting another member focused webinar, more details to come.

In mid-October, we will plan to head up north again, based on the feedback we received from our April 15 event, to see our friends more north of Boston.

As we get closer to the fall, we will announce our holiday gathering plans as well, but let’s not rush the summer.

Thank you to all of you able to attend on Monday April 15, we are looking forward to seeing you real soon!

The group had appetizers and drinks and hung out in a relaxed atmosphere.
The group enjoyed some laughs thanks to “Table Talk” cards Q&A.