A Consulting “How to”

We had an exciting presentation last week from one of our very own! Gaby Alcala, in addition to being a member of WHCM, is a healthcare consultant specializing in guiding organizations through the transition to value-based care. Her expertise includes start-ups and up to large corporations, demonstrating a proven ability to execute agile projects and foster patient-centered healthcare solutions.

She was able to share lessons learned when entering the consulting field, tips for successful transition into a consultant role, and strategies for building client relationships. Her “why” to get into this was evident – autonomy, flexibility and balance. Her message was clear, grow your network outside of your comfort zone, find your niche and market that! Developing trust within this type of role is vital to success, and she spoke of a number of ways to accomplish that. Most importantly, she stressed the importance of gaining feedback, as it is always a way to learn more and improve.

A huge thank you to Gaby for her time, expertise and willingness to share great information with the WHCM network!


-Jennifer Pendleton, WHCM Chairwoman