Turning the Tables: The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women

I was driving to work last week and listening to the radio, and the two hosts were discussing a list recently compiled highlighting the contributions of women – both solo and groups – to the world of music.  The host made a point that canonization is an important part of keeping a record in musical history, but most lists she found were dominated by men and male groups.  And, the characterization of “a woman in music” can be extrapolated to the perception of women in different arenas, like business.

“Defining women in music as women both makes their work more visible within a male-dominated milieu and potentially reduces their value. One reason for this may be a very deep belief that underlies much more than the status of women in music: the idea that men “do,” while women “be.””

The contributions of women to music over the decades (this list focuses from the 60s on up) is incredible, influential, and I think so worthy of this spotlight.  I also loved how the list mixes different genres, ages, and races of women.  It was compiled by nearly 50 women from across NPR and the public radio system and produced in partnership with Lincoln Center, and each number on the list has a little paragraph to explain the influence and why it was chosen.  Take some time and look at the list – you’ll discover something new and also see a reflection of artists which have influenced your life.