Apps to Help your Life… Or Just Occupy Your Time

Most people have smart phones now, and if they don’t, they probably have a tablet.  For instance, my dad, who is 65+, is holding onto his flip phone for dear life but LOVES his iPad / iPod and has many apps he finds useful on them.

I went to a conference a few months ago and as an “ice breaker” in a room of about 30 people, we went around and shared our favorite app and its function.  It was interesting to hear what people discovered value in, and what their interests were.  Podcast and music apps were especially popular.  One of my favorites is SpotHero, an app that uses your location to find the cheapest parking – whether it be in a garage or in the back of a Boston Brownstone – and all currency is exchanged through the phone.  Two new ones I learned about are; Cash , a free to download app by Square that instantly transfers money between friends for free as long as you are both signed up and connect your debit cards, and OneNote for iPhone, a virtual notebook you can write memos in, save images and articles from the web and audio files – and it’s completely searchable!  I think this question is a great conversation starter and you might just learn something new about the person you are speaking with.