Radical Possibility

Illustration of teamwork people filling a brain with beautiful flowers and good heart and positive thinking. In the continued journey to evolve in my own leadership style, as well as glean some inspiration, I recently took some time to listen to author and speaker, Ben Nemtin.

Nemtin is a NY Times best-selling author who was thriving at University and an incredible athlete who was unexpectedly faced with depression, leading his trajectory to change dramatically.

In addition to talking about the work he promotes with “bucket lists” and living an authentic life, Nemtin is clear in leadership development possibilities and the opportunity to do the impossible.

As leaders within healthcare, we have been challenged in unimaginable ways for over 3 years. None of us advanced through our education to be proficient in managing a pandemic, nor could we have predicted how our people would be affected throughout this tumultuous journey. While trying to care for our teams, our patients, and our organizations, we often forget about the impact this has had on US.

Nemtin’s discussion was an advanced dialogue outlining how to “fill your own cup, so you have enough to fill the cups of others.” Put yourself first and you will put yourself in a position to help others, give yourself space to think so you can be creative in a different way. We as leaders need to stop only looking ahead at the next project, challenge or deliverable – and celebrate the wins achieved! While this work is far easier to talk about rather than execute, I appreciated Nemtin’s checklist:

  1. Write your goals to create accountability. You have to see (intellectually, physically) it twice by doing this, enhancing the importance!
  2. Talk about your goals, this creates continuous accountability, and others will hold you accountable when they know about it.
  3. Move forward toward the goal – speed is not required! Discomfort = Growth. It will not be easy, but is a small price to pay for the reward.

While servant leadership, empathy and resiliency are incredible (and necessary) attributes to successful leaders – there is weight in being a little bit selfish, taking the time to grow and sustain your own development, following dreams and passions, and doing the things you haven’t given yourself the space to explore!

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Jennifer Pendleton
WHCM Chairwoman