New Year, New Plan

In anticipation of a better year, we have kicked off our planning for WHCM in 2021.

While I am optimistic for the opportunity to hold in person events this year, we will have a “plan B” schedule in place.

Soon, you will see a survey from our Membership Team asking what virtual opportunities would benefit you and what you would be interested in seeing over the next year. I look forward to your participation so we can design plans for YOU!

We have not changed our planned forums, we will have a better idea of each of these being virtual or in person as we get closer, as well if any date changes are necessary.

I can say that I truly miss each of you! It seems so long ago when we could be introduced in person, read body language, and shake hands. While we look forward to these face to face opportunities, our primary focus remains the same, the care of our members.

We are working on making updates to our website to give you the freshest and most relevant information, and look forward to your feedback.

Please make sure that your contact information is up to date, so we are able to reach you.

I always welcome you reaching out with any questions, ideas or concerns through the website, or to me directly at

I am wishing you all a Happy New Year, and look forward to continuing to meet your needs within WHCM!

-Jennifer Pendleton, WHCM Board Chair