Networking by the Sea…in the Rain

We haven’t had a summer networking event in Boston in several years, so we decided to bring it back – Boston is so fun in the summer! Unfortunately, the torrential rains kept us from enjoying the outdoor patio, but close to 40 women showed up to network, and I was so happy to see new faces and meet a dozen new members, or ladies who were thinking about membership. One new member said she was “impressed by the caliber of professionals in attendance (even on a rainy day) and how open people were to offering career advice to others.”

What sets WHCM apart is that we are an organization run by women, with the purpose of helping other women in the industry. I am consistently proud of our membership, and their willingness to lift other women up – regardless of their position in the workplace or status. An interesting conversation theme I took part in at the event was discussing what other professional organizations our members belong to – one common theme is they were all were open to both men and women. But, many were involved with professional organizations specific to their field – healthcare finance or medical devices, for example. It seems like a good idea to join one general networking organization, like ours or perhaps the Boston Young Healthcare Professionals, and then one specific to your area of focus. And get involved! It’s a great way to meet people. Hope to see all my new connections (and more!) on October 3 at our Fall Forum.

Blog post by WHCM Chairwoman Rachel Labas