WHCM Spring Event- “Knowing When to Make the Leap”

Event Date:
May 20, 2010
Wellesley Gateway, 93 Worcester St., Wellesley, MA

Over 80 women attended and learned how three successful Health Care Executives made major career transitions. The event brought together Valerie Donnelly, President/CEO at Donnelly Associates, Christine Shuster, President and CEO, Emerson Hospital and Lynn Malloy Stofer, Senior VP/CEO Medical Center Operations at Lahey Clinic to share their career paths, their career expertise and their passion for their work.

Valerie spoke about what one must know in order to make a successful career leap. First, know thyself. Valerie stressed the importance of knowing one’s goals, understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses and remaining true to one’s values and vision. Second, successful “leapers” are willing to grow by constantly challenging their limits of knowledge and experiences. And third, successful people are willing to take the time to reflect and learn from their experiences. These are the keys she used to leap and start her own consulting business

Lynn spoke about how leaping should not be a solitary activity. She successfully changed career paths with help and support from someone in her existing WHCM network. Seeking advice from people knowledgeable about your field of interest helps to identify the best possible and interesting opportunities that you may not have initially considered.

Christine described how her career leaps were the result of always being open to new possibilities. She built her skills and interests in each position she held but also had the insight to explore promising new options as they presented themselves. She also spoke of the importance of seeking out and connecting with others who can offer advice, insight and support as well as finding ways to contribute to the success of others. Christine acknowledges that her success would not have been achieved without the support of her WCHM peers

The advice from these talented women can guide each of us as we step closer to our future career leap.