“Tooting” Your Horn

Although I have worked in government affairs most of my professional life, I am always struck by the many times I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow based on my various interactions with colleagues. I consider it my responsibility to continually challenge myself to work to improve and no matter where you may be in your career, I believe there are always ways to enhance your communication skills and your personal “brand.”  Several years ago a colleague pointed out to me that I always seemed to give credit to others, but never took the time to “toot my own horn” and by doing so, I diminished my own accomplishments.

I took this constructive criticism to heart, and really gave a great deal of thought to what my colleague had said to me.  I think as women, we often are not comfortable showcasing our own triumphs and achievements.  However over time, I have made a great deal of effort to take a step back and make certain that where appropriate make sure others know where I contributed to the success of a project. It has definitely been something that I continually have to remind myself to do and something I would encourage all members of WHCM to be mindful of as well, whether you are early in your career or further along in your career.  I must say that it has been among the best advice that I have ever received from a colleague and one that I have taken to heart and made as one of my mantras.

Blog post by WHCM Steering Committee Member Kathy Keough