A Positive Pause

Recently, our institution began a “Positive Pause” initiative. Our Provider Wellness Oversight team has been working hard to narrow their focus on wins that will provide a more mindful, healthy environment for colleagues within the institution, focused on clinical providers.

Positive Pause entails opening meetings with a positive story. These have ranged from positive patient interactions, positive interactions with colleagues both within and outside of the organization and (what I find most important) interactions with support staff team members. Most recently, a surgeon had really edified a front desk coordinator who went above and beyond to ensure coordination of care for one of their patients. This was talked about at the beginning of a large board meeting with many top executives in attendance. The coordinator was overjoyed to hear praises from these leaders! To be recognized for hard work is a huge factor in our employee engagement, across the full spectrum of the organization.

This pause should be just that, a two-minute account of a great experience ~ make the time purposeful, help others to see the “great” in what we do each day- even when it all seems to be sliding (quickly) downhill. I can assure you that this technique sets a different tone for the meeting, and can really make a difference!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” ~ John Quincy Adams

Blog post by WHCM Steering Committee Member Jennifer Pendleton